Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open, Sesame!

Over the previous holiday weekend, Alan and I decided to tackle a project together. The front door of our little guest house needed to be replaced, even though I really tried everything to keep that rustic, cottage-style door. It was so old and beat up with layers of peeling paint - so authentic looking for an old "cottage." But since there were so many holes in the door that you hardly needed to use the installed peep-hole, we finally trekked to the Depot and bought an unpainted door slab.

It took us over a span of two days to hang this new door - chiseling out the places for the hinges, trimming the door, drilling the holes for the door knobs, painting it, and finally hanging it in place. None of it was very easy, because half the time we spent figuring out which hand tool or power tool we should use for each piece of the project.

After all was said and done, we think we did a pretty decent job. But our hard work was to no avail, since the door frame was probably as old as the original door and had previously been drilled and chiseled and gouged into so much that we can't get the door lock to hold. So it looks like we have more work to do on the frame before we can call this project finished, but at least the new door is pretty. And the fact that Alan and I worked as a team on something very frustrating and were still friends afterwards, is an accomplishment in itself!


Brandi said...

That is so frustrating!!! I'd be going insane if I were you! :) Well it does look so beautiful and when you're all done you guys are more than welcome to come over and work so well together on installing our new front door, cause if Luke and I do it... well... let's just say it won't end nearly as happily-ever-after. hahaha Will I be seeing you Sunday?

DeeBee said...

I miss the old look on that old door. Could you do something about that please? Probably not, but you can't blame me for trying.

Actually the new door looks really good!