Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today was a whirlwind day.  Up at 5:00 to leave the hotel by 5:30, driving around searching for parking, and then hurrying up and waiting for the race to start. Most of the photos were taken with my cell phone, so they're not the greatest quality: 

I've never seen so many people in one place in my life.  20,000 runners plus at least one spectator for almost every got crazy.  It took 25 minutes just to get every runner across the start line.  Our capitol is beautiful, by the way.  The stone is a pinkish hue, so it looks like a rosy replica of the U.S. Capitol.

This picture is not so great.  I can tell you those are forced smiles.  Alan was tired and I was developing one of the worst migraines I can remember.  Alan finished the race in 3:40:42 chip time.  He's not thrilled with the time, but this was yet another hilly marathon.  I think he's awesome.

You probably can't see him, but Alan's on the other side of that green wall about to finish.  That's as close as I could get.  I saw some crazy stuff at this finish line today, including people collapsing and whose bodies were contorting and failing on them.  It was disturbing and scary.  A runner that we know from Midland sacrificed being able to qualify for Boston by staying back with a runner who was in serious trouble the last four miles.  No one else was helping this guy.  They ended up putting him in a wheelchair the last few yards, but still gave him a finishing medal.

We were mere blocks away from the University of Texas, so it was surprising how many comments and cheers Alan got for his TCU shirt.  Go Frogs!

The weekend wasn't all about running.  We ate well.  This french toast is as tall as it looks.

I wasn't a good photographer this weekend, especially on race day.  I should have stayed at the finish to get a picture of Lance Armstrong finishing the half.  I should have made my way to the marathon side of the finish line to get a good picture of Alan.  I could have taken photos of the craziness around me.  But that stupid headache was such that I was almost crying in the car as we left town.  Alan says I did cry, but I think my eyes were just a little moist. :-)

We didn't want to come home yet, no matter how weird Austin really is.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Like the tides

I try not to post anything if I don't have much good to say.  It's been a strange couple weeks of ups and downs.  My dad got very disheartening news from the doctor, followed by uplifting news a week later, leading to what will ultimately mean chemotherapy but much better than the original prognosis.  Amazing news that we weren't expecting.

A friend for many years and one of the most kind-hearted, loving people I've ever known lost her husband last week.  I'm so sad for her.  I simply can't imagine.

I know a teenager who is pregnant.  They weren't careful, it was stupid, and my heart still goes out to her.  And to her parents who are surely suffering an ache that is hard to explain.

We had a fun day-trip to Lubbock for a Tech/A&M basketball game and dinner courtesy of Alan's team lead.  One thing Texas is really good at is steakhouses.  It was crazy good.  And we had a lot of fun with everyone there.

We're taking another weekend/marathon trip this weekend.  We always have fun getting away.  Doesn't it feel weird sometimes though, when you're having a good time and you think of someone you know who is going through something difficult?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Signs of Aggression

Junior has a follow-up at the vet tomorrow for what we hope is the third and final visit in the past two weeks.  $400 later, we're hoping for a clean bill of health.  $400 is a hard pill to swallow considering the abuse we take from this cat, but he's ours and our responsibility.  I've talked a lot about the abuse, but here are the aggressive behaviors that warrant such abuse:

Putting socks and shoes on.  Unacceptable.
Using a hair dryer.  The nerve.
Sitting in his computer chair.
Petting him longer than approved.
Doing a manicure/pedicure.
Brushing one's teeth.

I think that covers it.