Monday, March 31, 2008

So I'm a cooking nerd

Have you ever had leftover spaghetti or goulash that when you reheated it the next day, you found the sauce to be a little dry? Check out this 4 oz. packet of tomato sauce! You can just throw this in and not have to worry about opening and wasting a larger can. This is what happens when you send your husband to the store, and he comes back with all varieties and sizes of an item because he's not sure what you really want. And in this case it turned out cool.

I hate grocery shopping so much that I told Alan I'd do the laundry, ironing, and cook dinner if he'd do the grocery shopping. Okay, so I didn't end up doing ALL of that, but the ironing alone makes that a fair trade.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yes I love to watch shows like "A Haunting" on Discovery, but I wouldn't say I'm infatuated with all things supernatural to the point where I want to read about it, research it, etc. But if I'm flipping channels and it's on, I'm going to watch. I tend to be a believer more than a skeptic in haunting spirits or "ghosts" and am really entertained in documentary type shows on the subject. I just think there's a lot more to the spiritual/supernatural part of life than we realize. And I don't think I'm 100% convinced in demon possessions and exorcisms, but I'm not a nonbeliever either. Although...

I had this dream last night that I was being visited and haunted by a demonic force of some kind, and so I decided to get out my digital camera and record such a visit, at least the audio part. My bedroom was dark (as if I would ever have the lights off when a voice like the one from Amityville or The Exorcist was talking to me), but with the camera going I was able to record the voice and a little bit of a face with glowing eyes (which was laying in my bed on my pillow staring at me!). It was the kind of creepy dream that, even though I woke up with some morning light in the room, my heart was racing and I was kinda scared momentarily.

Anyway, the important part I'm sharing is that I had the common sense in my dream to record the "happenings." So if such things have really happened to so many people, why are we not seeing their home videos? Why so many reenactments in this day and age of technology? Wouldn't you want proof more than anything? Kind of makes me wonder...

Friday, March 28, 2008

More to love

The other day I was reading Dooce's post about the raccoon living in their chimney, and I was enjoying the story and pictures of the whole escapade, and then I get to the part where she mentions how big this particular raccoon turned out to be....about "15 to 20 pounds." Hmmm....who does this remind me of? Last time I weighed him, Junior was a healthy 17 pounds. We like to say he's big-boned, or plus-size, or husky....or just very fat.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Step back

I don't think I'll get fired anytime soon, but if I do at some point in my career, it'll be because I told an argumentative parent to go jump off a cliff....preferably one with stalagmites growing at the bottom. And okay I know they can't grow out in the open like that, but a teacher can dream.

Let's just say I had an intense conversation with a parent today. And I don't back down (to a fault I might add) when I believe I'm in the right.

Cellular phenom

I'm on my feet most of the day and therefore usually have my cell phone in my pants or skirt pocket, on vibrate. So there's this little phenomenon that is really getting on my nerves. I can still feel my phone vibrating even when it's NOT vibrating and it's nowhere near me! It's as if my body can't let go of that vibrating sensation. And since I'm a "righty" and therefore always keep my phone in a right pants or skirt pocket, (because my world would be completely off balance if I tried wearing it on the left), the sensation is always on the right in roughly the same spot. Before I ask if this has happened to you, let me say that I know I read an article not long back that talked about this issue...but come on, does this happen to you?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My daily surroundings

I had my camera at school today, because I've been intermittently taking pictures of each student over the past couple of weeks to include in a display on our classroom door. One of the kids remembered that I said something about taking a group picture of all of us, so here we are. Please note that the second picture is more their "true" selves and the craziness I deal with on a daily basis. Aaahh...Spring Break is yet a memory.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We did stuff

I just sat here thinking about all the things we got done around the house this week. Daa-uhm. We did a lot. Of course we had a little help (okay, a LOT of help) with Alan's dad being here and being Mr. Project Man himself. I was about to list everything we did, but that list is so long that it gets more boring by the item. Let's just say, we "did work." And I just got through painting the guest house bathroom a little while ago, so a nice hot shower is calling my name.

By the way, my little Maltipoo friend, Toto, is gone and Junior and I are sad. But then I just watch this snippet from a Rob & Big episode and I'm happy again.

Being a Big Boy

Those of you who have witnessed firsthand the wrath of Junior will understand why it fascinates me that he has been the most gentle, patient host while putting up with a very young, spastic guest. Yes, I just referred to Junior as gentle and patient. He doesn't hiss or growl OR EVEN BITE this little white ball, and biting is a part of Junior's daily maintenance of the pearly whites. The proof:

But really, how could you be mean to this:

Friday, March 21, 2008


We're babysitting a Maltipoo for a couple days.

We're going to be busy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I like dirt.

I should post a picture of my dirty feet and fingernails to prove how much I love digging in the dirt and planting in the spring. But even I have my limitations. No one ever needs to see dirt that has ground into a person's heels. It's never attractive. But people walk around every day of their lives with grungy feet. And then wear sandals! There are inexpensive scrubbers and tools that will take care of such nastiness, not to mention shoes that keep us from having to see your feet.

I digress. Here's a couple of plants that I expect to mass-multiply in a couple months, the tried and true Lantana and the Sweet Potato Vine:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bargain shopping...should have put it on the list.

I don't know what's gotten into Pier One, but they currently have an explosion of cute things that are CHEAP! Not that Pier One is really expensive, but I wouldn't call them mindful of my pocket book. I got these candles for $3.50 each. Very cute outside on the patio. We'll get to use them for maybe another month or so before the Texas size mosquitoes and flies make outdoor dining a fond memory.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Look at me checking things off my list.

Hi. I will bite you now.

Dude knows how to nap.

Yes, we (as in, me) have to vacuum our ottoman regularly.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I make lists.

It's do so many things I haven't done in a while. I wanted to high five everyone in the hall yesterday when the bell rang announcing SPRING FRIGGIN' BREAK! I tried to wish my students "happy spring break!" but instead it came out as "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! Get out! Leave my presence!" I think they felt the love.

I intend for my list to include more play than work, and here's what I have so far:
  • Sleep.
  • Sit on the back porch in my pajamas and drink coffee.
  • Watch cooking shows.
  • Cook.
  • Sleep some more.
  • Tan, if I can afford some sessions.
  • Shop for swimsuits.
  • Hang out with my father-in-law.
  • Paint the guest house bath (yes, that is actually fun for me).
  • Take pictures.
  • Update the blog.
  • READ.
  • Run, when the wind isn't blowing 50 mph like yesterday.
  • Wash my car, when the wind isn't blowing 50 mph like yesterday.
  • Stay up past 10:00.
  • Sleep.
  • Work in the yard.
I know I'll still be grading papers and planning and will even have to go up to the school for a little while, but that doesn't bother me when I know it will peaceful and QUIET.

I plan to post pictures proving that I did many of these things. Not the swimsuit pictures though. :-)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Miss Jackson, if you're nasty"

The last couple of hashers left about an hour ago. This was our second time to host a Hash and our fourth one to attend. That means that next month will be mine and Alan's 5th Hash, making us eligible to receive our Hash names. So tonight at "circle time" and later around the fire pit, other hashers threw out suggestions as to what our names should be. Alan's potential name is looking like "Lean, Mean, Bald Machine," while suggestions for yours truly were "Double Trouble" and "Mrs. Nasty." The names are by no means supposed to be complimentary, and mine derives from all kinds of inappropriate scenarios. We had a good time as usual, and this particular run was pretty long, grueling, and oh And who knew Midland had so many hills and valleys!

Right now I'm tired and just happy to have the BBQ smoke and beer washed out of my hair. Come join a hash sometime, and this will all make perfect sense.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Kicking back

So I survived administering my first state test as a real I just have to wait on the results for a couple weeks. Once we finished that on Wednesday, the rest of the week for the kids has been absolutely no work and all fun. They deserve it, when the state puts them through such hell over a stupid test.

Today while they're watching movies (on the friggin big screen in my hi-tech classroom!) and playing games, I'll be finishing getting completely caught up on grading and inputting grades. I might even have time for that inconceivable and fuzzy concept called PLANNING.

Tomorrow we're hosting another Hash at our house, which we were hit with out of the blue. I have no idea what all we're going to eat, haven't been to the store, and have a "thing" I have to attend tonight at the school. I'm also disappointed because we haven't had the porch residing project done yet, and everything out back is dead and ugly. But I'm guessing since beer and food is involved, we'll manage to have an okay time. :-)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Bailey's team had a fairly humiliating day on Saturday of the tournament, only to turn it around completely today, winning all three matches and the Bronze championship. For a team who hasn't won much all season, this was a much needed boost! Bailey went from playing hitter to setter and back to hitter again, and she's handled all the changes with no complaints. She was awesome as an outside hitter this weekend, a position she much prefers. She also serves as the team's captain. Here's the victory photo as well as a mini-clip from a game.

Having an explosive time in Lubbock!

Something that has changed in correlation with my working this semester, and no I'm not talking about the ho-humness of my blog. Our dinner routine is suffering. I just don't have time or feel like cooking much anymore. I think I made spaghetti one night last week and salmon patties another. I used to cook 5-6 meals per week counting the weekends.

So Friday night before we left for Lubbock, Alan and I had chips and salsa for dinner. A lot of chips and salsa. For me that was followed by 3-4 Girl Scout cookies. Yesterday I had a decent enough breakfast at the hotel followed by a couple more of those cookies mid-morning. Lunch was a mammoth pizza slice at the mall, followed by Peanut Butter Patties as soon as we returned to the gym. Dinner was McDonald's. I skipped the cookies this time.

I could tell there was going to be some unpleasantness thanks to the amount of non-vegetable/non-fruit products I've been consuming. God bless my body for waiting until we were back in the comfort of our hotel room to express its disdain. I was reminded of that scene from Dumb and Dumber where at first you get the sounds INSIDE your body. And it just went downhill from there.

I'm blaming Alan for the GS cookies. He bought five boxes at home, which we inhaled. He then bought 3 or 4 more yesterday at the Wal-Mart here in Lubbock. Several of us parents were sitting around yesterday morning talking about how each member of the family claims stake to whichever type is their favorite, such as: hiding them under the bed, tucking them away in drawers, or writing threatening messages on the box. So it was only fitting that Alan show up a little while later with MORE cookies. At least my favorite kind seems to be one that no one else cares about - Peanut Butter Sandwiches. How can you not love those?

Alright, time to go get ready for another day of volleyball. When we get back to Midland tonight, I have to make two huge pots of red beans for a luncheon at school tomorrow. Beans....hmmm. This could be ugly.