Monday, December 07, 2009

"Wild" Morning

We're having a rough go of it lately with our pets. Just looking out the backdoor window, I see two handsaws dragged out into the yard, a plastic container of what was probably fertilizer or weed killer (some kind of poison, I'm sure), and the water hose wrapped 4 times around the tree. The rest of the hose is in bite-size pieces throughout the yard. And that's Duke's handiwork just TODAY.

I don't think he made a good impression while Leigh, my father-in-law, was visiting either. Leigh was staying in the guest house out back, the little house with a door that doesn't always stay closed during a strong wind storm. Duke discovered that if he ran full speed towards the door, he could easily knock it open. And open it he did, and took it upon himself to drag many of my father-in-law's belongings out into the yard. Not all of the items survived, if you know what I mean.

And then there's the latest episode with Junior, that I'm still a little shocked by. Everyone knows he's mean and bites and stalks and attacks one or all of us every single day. I woke up this morning and turned on the TV to just lay in bed for a while. Junior walked up wanting to be petted, which I obliged KNOWING I shouldn't. I don't let him do this, but for some reason this morning I decided to be generous. I only petted him a few seconds before realizing I should just push him off, so I raised my hand to push him away...and in a split second he attacked me, biting my face in three places. It was so sudden I didn't have time to get him off of me quickly enough.

Once I did though, well...let's just say I got him to leave the room. The mirror revealed 6 punctures and enough blood to piss me off a little more. I felt pretty stupid letting him come near me like that, so I don't blame the cat. I still make the claim that he's a feral cat, and that we'll basically be living with a semi-wild animal under our roof until something "unfortunate" happens. Okay, I'm just kidding with that little bit of sarcasm...I'm not going to do anything to him. And I'm not scared of my cat at all, just still reeling from what happened this morning. Mostly I think it pissed me off because I'm vain, and I had to go to school looking like I had a major breakout. I thought about taking a picture and posting it, but like I said - I'm vain.

Anyway, what do you do? I know if I had a small child and the cat did this to him/her, I'd probably feel obligated to get rid of it. I think what bothers me is that we're taking care of an animal that no one else would have, and it's just kind of weird when they turn on you. So add one more story to the list of Junior stories. I sure hope Duke never bites my face, because I'm likely to lose half of it if he does.


Brandi said...

As Luke just said while I read this to him "Dude that cat is a freakin ferocious freak" Ha! You poor thing! You have such a big heart and I know you love him so much, that is too bad. And the stories about Duke crack me up, keep blogging! I am having a tough time keeping up with mine though too, it's for sure the facebook thing, I feel like I already tell everyone everything! Looking forward to seeing you guys next Wednesday, are you getting all dressy?? Renee said I should wear a DRESS! I'm such a boy these days. :D

Tanya said...

Yes, Renee said VERY dressy. And you love to dress up! Remember last year's Halliburton party when we were stressing about what to wear - I think some people wore jeans, ha.

naomi said...

holy smokes!!!! i can't believe he did that!! he is usually better around you than anyone else!!! it is weird when they turn on you (not that I speak from that type of experience, but when mine poop in the house, I feel like they are turning on me, haha)...i am glad to read a blog!! it has been way too long since you posted and I was too upset to write anything on your last blog....
(my word is HYPER!!! Fate, I think so)...hahahah