Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On being single

Okay, clearly I'm not and don't want to be. I'm just making observations this week, this being the first time I can remember when I've been completely by myself for a whole week:

- I would probably be super skinny and healthy. I could live on vegetables with some occasional Cheetos and Girl Scout cookies thrown in. But mostly vegetables.

- I can watch "my shows" whenever I want. Alan and I have many things we like to watch together and a few things we don't. I'm sure if I were gone for several days he'd be watching Family Guy, Squawk Box, or any movie he's seen 10+ times already. I've been watching a million episodes of House Hunters International.

- I wonder how long it would be before I could sleep comfortably in the bedroom and not on the couch. Considering the news of burglaries in the surrounding neighborhood over the past few months, I'm not loving the idea of sleeping where I can't hear someone trying to break in. These particular burglaries take place at night while people are at home in bed. It's as if the burglars WANT to confront the homeowners. Creepy.

- It's not a good idea to watch scary movies by yourself. See above.

- It takes a good 5-6 days to fill the dishwasher. Likewise on the washing machine. And come to think of it, the trash. But I still don't like taking the trash out, even if it's only been once this week.

- I just can't walk the dog as much as Alan. He takes Duke for a walk every day, religiously. Literally, rain, sleet, or snow. I've witnessed it.

- The house is cleaner, yes. But I find a clean house is typically an empty house and thus, a lonely house.

I'm ready to be married again.


DeeBee said...

I'm glad it was temporary for you. I can say from sucks. Lol!

Naomi said...

you are too cute for words!!! i find myself enjoying the same things and not enjoying the same things as you. Just goes to show that we have picked the right spouses. Can't live with them, can't live without them!! haha.

PS I do not agree with the last comment regarding a clean house being an empty house being a lonely house. But that is b/c I am a ridiculous neat freak :-)