Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As I'm pondering the fact that I need to clean out my closet again, something I do a couple times a year, I've made a decision. With each year I get older, my goal is to have less crap in my closets, the garage, the attic, etc. than the year before. I don't want my kids to have to go through piles of crap when I die. And attention to my parents: I have no intention of systematically and sentimentally combing through all your crap when you die. I'll be hiring an estate sale specialist to do that. No offense, but I don't know of any possessions you have that I need to add to my crap.

Um, sometimes I get in these moods when clutter drives me crazy. And right now it's bugging me. Our garage is out of control. My closet is ridiculous. There is crap on the dining table, the dining table that I try to keep polished and pretty even though no one ever sits there except Junior and all his HAIR. Speaking of Junior, he proudly rolls around in the mulch when I go outside and make eye contact with him. What is that about? Then he comes in the house and leaves a trail of dust and mulch everywhere on the already disgusting carpet.

I think I better go clean something to get out of this mood.


Addison said...

LOL. omg Austen just ignores me when I'm like this. It's like he's waiting out a storm. I'll just race around the house cleaning this and that mumbling to myself like "why is this here? that makes no sense! of course austen has cups by his side of the bed. i get no help around here" hahahaha. but then it all goes away when everything is pretty again!

Tammy Bratton said...

This also reminds me of another room in that old Midland house!