Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The gluteus maximus

I shall whine now. Here is a common recurrence that happens over and over, because that's what recurrences do. I take up some form of exercise, usually jogging. (At this point I'm going to refer to what I do as jogging, not running. Jogging seems more honest.) Anyway, I do my darnedest to take it semi-seriously and stick with it, but something always happens. Tendonitis, shin splints, sciatica, groin pull, you name it. And I'm really disciplined about stretching beforehand. A couple of years ago (or more) I was playing tennis and hurt my arm/shoulder. It still hasn't healed. Back in December I ran a 5K that perhaps I hadn't trained enough for and have had problems with my sciatic nerve ever since. I have a throbbing sort of pain in my right butt cheek, the right side of my right knee, and ditto on my right ankle. I feel quite ladylike saying my butt hurts.

I suppose it really is age. Man, that sucks to know the truth. But I want to fight this aging thing for as long as I can, butt pain and all.


jo said...

Maybe you should just do some walking? I bet you would stick with something that you actually enjoy. Weren't you swimming fairly frequently at one point? I find that I am much better about exercise when I like what I'm doing...anyway, sorry about your bum.

Tanya said...

I don't like walking. I don't like much of anything. And yes, I swam for a while but it was getting so tough on my hair, and I sort of need my hair color to last. :-)