Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Sunday to remember

You know you've neglected your blog for a while when the web address doesn't display on your history list.  Anyhow.

Ever buy someone a Christmas gift, get it wrapped, and then later get that de ja vu feeling that you bought them that same gift a few years ago?  I hate that.

But this has been a good holidayish type day.  The girls and Alan and I finally got together for some family portraits and some Christmas card shots.  The results aren't professional, but the process was fun.  It was cold, although you wouldn't know it from mine and Bailey's flip-flops and sandals, but that's how we do fall and winter in West Texas!  Here's one that won't make it in a frame but will be a classic nonetheless:

Alan made hot chocolate when we got back to the house, and getting to use my Christmas mugs makes me happy.

He then went to the grocery store so that I could stay home and watch the Cowboys.  So I'm watching the Cowboys, playing with the photos, and ignoring lesson plans.  Who needs 'em?  And oh my lord the Cowboys just won, so this day is awesome!

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