Friday, March 25, 2011


I've had a pretty negative outlook towards my job this year, but it's not about the kids.  The kids are awesome.  And as I was running a couple minutes late this morning, which is rare for me, I could hear a couple of my kids around the corner and down by my room waiting out in the hall.  I heard "Mrs. Schaeffer" being said among the mumbling.  As I turned the corner, I was taken aback by the huge smiles and "There she is!" and "Hi, Mrs. Schaeffer!"  And oh the smiles.  They were so big and so genuine.  I couldn't help but break out into a huge smile myself.  What an awesome way to start the day.  If I decide to do something else one day, it's the kids that will bring me back to teaching.  And okay, those long summer breaks aren't bad either.

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jo said...

oh man, how sweet! That makes ME smile too. Nice to feel so loved! I bet they seriously love you. I can remember every single one of my elementary school teachers. They were incredible and I really did love them. I think what you do is really cool and admirable.