Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easters Past

I'm standing outside this morning with coffee in hand watching the family across the street hide and hunt Easter eggs.  It's pulling at my heart strings thinking about those innocent moments with the girls that are long gone.  I'm so thankful for getting to experience those times!

I remember how much I loved coloring eggs when I was little.  I think Mother must have really liked Easter, because I can see her excitement getting all the little bowls ready for the eggs.  She and I both loved the vinegar smell from the dye solution.  Was Daddy in charge of hiding the eggs?  Probably, but I don't truly remember.

I wish I could see the old photos of me and DeeBee hunting for eggs.  I want to look at all the details - the new dresses, the shoes, the baskets.  I want it to spark memories that I haven't thought of for years.  I want to remember what it was like when we were a family. 

I have a feeling I'll participate in Easter egg hunting again some day, but as a grandma.  That's crazy to think about, but probably realistic.  I have a feeling it'll be some of my favorite Easter moments yet.

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