Thursday, May 05, 2011


I don't like the birds that hang around our house.  I don't like the nests they aggressively guard near our front door, nor the bird droppings that pile up.  I don't like that we feed the birds in the back that then drop seeds that sprout into ugly rye grass in my yard.  I don't like how they help themselves to Duke's food if the bird feeder has run dry.

I do like the dove calls and the occasional spotting of a bluejay or cardinal, still somewhat rare in this area.  But everything else I don't like!

And then I saw these.  These little babies whose nest is in one of my hanging plants on the back porch.  They won't make it.  Duke already knows they're there.  It was a bad spot for the mom or dad to build a nest in the first place, but birds seem to have forgotten that that's what trees are for.  Anyway, their chances are slim but I hope they get to fly away soon.

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jo said...

oh my! what sweeties! I do hope they survive. How sad if they don't!