Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You talkin' to me?

It has been suggested to me from my sometimes wise oldest daughter, that based on an accumulation of events, I might be being challenged in a supernatural way.  I had actually thought this as well, but shrugged it off.  The challenge I might have been given is how am I going to start handling people who are extremely rude, way off base, you name it.  What I usually do is stand up for myself and give it right back.  It feels pretty good, even RIGHT, at least temporarily.  What I don't want to become is a pushover.  So how do you balance the two?  How do you confront someone who's being a jerk without compromising your integrity?  How do you let someone have it in a dignified manner?

I had another encounter with an asshole recently, this time at a grocery store.  I'll skip the details but will just say that I was shocked and confused.

I'm a little on edge around strangers right now, at least until I get this figured out.

The obvious does not escape me.  I realize that by sharing my stories of encounters with rude people, it starts to look like I'm the one causing these things to happen.  But I have Alan as my witness who says I'm not doing anything to instigate matters.  And Alan is as good a personal reference as any.

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Addison said...

Sometimes wise.

I see how it is!