Wednesday, August 08, 2012


So yesterday I got a speeding ticket doing 41 in a 40.  Except technically it wasn't a 40 mph zone at the moment.  It was a construction zone, and I failed to see the 30 mph signs that were apparently posted everywhere, says the officer.  He's right; they were there.

Still, I was annoyed.  I didn't like the way he approached my window and announced "41 in a 30" with such a "gotcha" tone.  I didn't like how he claimed to do me a favor by reducing my speed while still charging me $150.  I don't get intimidated too easily by encounters with the police, yet I'm not saying this is a good character trait of mine.  A little humility is probably best in these situations.  I was maybe a tiny bit snippy, might have voiced annoyance at the amount of the fine, and might have been smacking my gum.  He picked up on it, I could tell.  He walked away telling me to "try to have a better day."  Really?

So I continue to be pissy and annoyed and complain about the whole thing to everyone (even the people at Fleet Feet for goodness sake), like most of us do I'm guessing.  And I'm voicing my opinion about his so-called "favor." 

And then today I call the court to find out about getting a ticket dismissed by taking Defensive Driving, and if I would still have to appear in court, etc.  I was told that my ticket would NOT be reported on my record, because it was less than 10 miles over the limit.  Because the officer reduced my speed, I no longer have to go to court and my insurance company will never be the wiser.

I took a perfect opportunity to be a kind, decent human being and instead treated an officer like poop.  Am I still irritated that the City of Tulsa gets $150 instead of giving me a warning?  Absolutely.  But I still wish I could have that moment back.

Officer: 1, Me: 0

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Joe said...

Next time, try unbuttoning your blouse, or at least batting your eyebrows. Seriously, if you wanna go all out, get out of the car, bend over the hood, and put your hands above your head. You know, so they know you aren't armed. Seriously, if I was a woman, I would get away with everything.....