Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How much would a thumb weigh?

It's not often that I pay that much attention to special shows or mini-series, but for whatever reason Alan and I both wanted to catch "The Andromeda Strain" on A&E. So much so that we kept reminding each other for days that it was coming up, what night, what time, etc., and planned our evening around it. Monday was the first night and was pretty good, with cool concepts like the whole virus from the future thing and the use of worm holes and such. However, the second night left me speechless. And not in a good way.

Oh. My. Lord. It was one thing how the virus apparently spread across hills and through rivers at a neck-breaking pace, like right before your eyes, and turned everything red in its path. But seriously, when the Korean scientist sacrificed his life to enter the radioactive pool of water (at the bottom of an elevator shaft...of course) to cut off the thumb of the dead white scientist who was laying in the pool, and the Korean scientist then needed to hurl the severed thumb UP about THREE stories (before he died from the radioactive water) to the hispanic scientist who was hanging on for dear life inside the elevator shaft, who needed to catch the thumb (thrown perfectly) and shimmy inside an air duct, who then got blinded temporarily because a hot spray of steam shot out of the duct, who then had to blindly find his way to the next floor and over to the panel where the dead guy's thumb must be placed on the screen to deactivate the nuclear destruction of the facility that was about to take place in 30 seconds, because a black scientist didn't destroy all of the virus since her family was being threatened if she did....

All I could think of were the words often said by Alan's good friend Ed: "There went two hours of my life I'll never get back."

But I'm giving it two stars for the thumb-tossing scene. Worth the laugh.

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DeeBee said...

Wow, that just sounds exhausting.