Thursday, May 29, 2008

Smokin' hot

I've gotten to where I love roasting vegetables - squash, zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, green peppers, you name it. Besides being a healthy way to eat veggies, it also seems to be the most flavorful. So how charming of my Brady Bunch non-self cleaning oven to start smoking up the kitchen every time I set the temperature over 350. Someday this oven, along with its vintage stovetop counterpart, will be replaced. But for now I'll just keep opening the windows and running the venthood fan when necessary. If anyone has good roasting tips or ideas on foods that are good roasted, let me know!

I'd take this over a steak any day.

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mel... said...

I like to roast asparagus and cherry tomato with just a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Especially good is when the asparagus tips get a little crunchy (just not burned).