Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bright Spots

Here are some things in the near future I'm looking forward to:
  • The Cowboys game tomorrow
  • The "Taste of Home" show (in person!) Tuesday night with Brandi
  • The season finale of "Paranormal" Monday night
  • The season premier of "The Office" on Thursday
  • A date with Alan to see "Ghost Town" (hint, hint)
  • Addison's 18th Birthday
Thanks for letting me think out loud. I just needed to stop and take inventory!


DeeBee said...

What's "Ghost Town"? Sounds like you have a good week ahead of you. If I don't get a call from any of the schools, I'm going to call it good.

her said...

Oh, date night. To be young and in love...

addison said...

oh my gosh what time does the office come on?!

Brandi said...

wellwell so that night was a riot! I swear who knew we'd the like those kids in front who nned to be hushed the whole time :P Ha I love you! Friday you are my angel :P