Sunday, February 15, 2009

A humongous Valentine

Alan and I got back yesterday from a weekend away in Dallas (we stayed in Dallas but spent most of the time in Ft. Worth). Ft. Worth is the one other place where we feel at "home," so it's always fun to go back and visit our favorite places. Most of those places involve food, but we usually end up at one of the museums as well. Neither one of us had ever been to the Modern, so that was fun for a while. I'm a closet art fan, and the Modern was so cool, but even I reach my time limit in a museum.

As our weekend was coming to an end yesterday, we had lunch at one of our favorites - La Madeleine. Alan and I often make fun of pretentious people, and you'd definitely find that type of clientele at La Madeleine. So as we were pulling up to the restaurant, I pointed out that maybe this was our pretentious thing we do? And some would see going to the museums as pretentious. But we really do love that restaurant and going to museums together. Anyway, it was a fun and fitting Valentine's weekend for us...pretentious or not. :-)

But the most exciting part was bringing home the biggest Valentine I've ever received:


Brandi said...

AHHHHHHHH so fun!!!! I'm so excited to see it in person! Congrats! :)

naomi said...

i had no should have put something on myspace!!! congrats!!! it's beautiful!!!