Friday, May 15, 2009

10 days!

Just stuff. That's my reason for not blogging. Nothing exciting or life-changing, just stuff. School is simply crazy right now, partly due to activities and deadlines, and partly due to the OVERWHELMING discipline issues. They fight, hit, kick, argue, bicker, tease, cry, tattle, cuss. I'm gonna hurt someone soon. Here's a sample of what my kids did this week to a teacher:

Student to teacher: "They're talking about you."

Teacher: "I don't care if you call me names."

Another student: "Okay, then you're stupid and ugly."

After a full day everyday of playing mediator, police, counselor, and maybe teacher, I'm tired. The summer break is a time to get away, refresh, forget. Otherwise we'd never come back!

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naomi said...

sounds like you all need a much deserved break!!!