Saturday, May 30, 2009

On a break

I've been busy and preoccupied with other things, and have let this little journal here take a backseat. Monday we leave for Oklahoma for a much-anticipated, relaxing stay at my sister's. A week later Bailey leaves for church camp, and a week after that is our trip to California (Cali, as Bailey calls it). Somewhere in the middle I plan to move my classroom, paint the living room, and cook, cook, cook. Cooking is one of the many things that I let take a back seat during the school year. And reading. And socializing. So I hope to do more of all three this summer.

I also used to blog more. Maybe some of the above will provide something to blog about.


Brandi said...

Yea to all 3! :) I'm so excited for you, your summer sounds like so much fun! Hope to see a lot more of you guys!

naomi said...

i with brandi!!! i am excited about all three!! if you need someone to taste your cooking i will be more than happy to help and i can socialize the same time!!! have fun in OK and i look forward to hanging with you guys this summer, between your vakays and mine!!!!