Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We have pet names, for our pets. Lots of names. Does that make us obsessed with our pets, or does everyone do this? Please say someone else does this.

For Junior:

Junior Lou
Mr. Lou
Big Sweet Kitty
and when I'm tired of being attacked, Whorebag

Duke's only been with us a few short weeks and has already accumulated quite a few:


It's probably good they don't know what we're saying.


naomi said...

i laughed sooo hard at this...especially whorebag and retard..whorebag being my favorite b/c it is very clever!!!! ok, so this make take a bit...
Punkin - Punkie, Punk, The Punk, Punkanater, Booger, Squirt, Baby, Beebee
Reece - Piecey, Piecey Pie, Reeces Peecees
Quickette - Wickette, Quickie
Gizmo - MoMo, Mo, Gizzy

And when I need them all..I call them my little padawons (like from star wars)...

in closing, i think we all do this!!!!

Tanya said...

Punkater - so funny! Well I'm glad we're not alone - haha.

Brandi said...

Wow, thats pretty funny!!!
Ok I agree with Naomi, whorebag being my favorite, so creative! Haha. Well I have to participate, but no pets so I'm going with boys:

Everitt has a few-
Lil' E, Big man, Tough guy. Sometimes when I'm being mean; Wuss...

Holden has quite a bit more and they are weird.
Holden- Hodey, Hodey man, (Hopefully those don't stick for too long, they're pretty gay)
Mr. Man, Lil Man, Sir, Mr. Sir, lil buddy, of course to Everitt he's still baby Holden. Oh and most of the time you can add stinker or stinker butt!

Cash already has one and I already don't like it, but we still say it.
Cash- 'Mr. Cash Man'.

Ha! This was way too much fun! :)

Addison said...


For Boston:
Mr. B
Fatty Bub

For Milo:
Midder(Mr.) Milo
Little Prince

Tanya said...

Aaawww...these are all so cute. Brandi, even I have one that I called Holden - Holden Bolden. Ha. And Addison - "Bubba" is so cute. I love these! Who else has some? :-)

Tanya said...

Ooops, Naomi I meant "Punkanater." Ha. Now I'M the retard.

Anonymous said...

Love all these nicknames! :) We do that too: Our basset hound was named Savannah and we called her Vanna, Vaina, and Nacho! Where Nacho came from I'll never know, but it fit her well.
Our basset we have now is named Georgie and we call her Georgina, Georgie Porgie, and Bassetina! Our Jack Russel is named Jack but he also goes by Jack Daddy! :)
Our cat Smokey has the nickname, Smokita (that's his Spanish name) ha and Emily calls him Mason for some strange reason.
Our other cat Calamity Jane, who looks like she could be Junior's sister, gets called Mama Jane and C.J. and I call her Fluffy tail, and when Mike finds the cats sitting up on top of our cars, they get called names with cuss words. :~} And they vary - HA!!

Tanya said...

Denise - the ones that are random are probably my favorite. Like Nacho - where did that come from? Ha. Do you remember all OUR nicknames - Tanner D, Neiser B, etc.? lol.