Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pre-School (Get it?)

I blog. I blog too much. I don't blog at all. I'd say I'm in the latter stage right now. I've been busy at school the last couple of weeks and will be doing much of the same for the next three weeks. I guess you could call it "teacher nesting," where we prepare, prepare, prepare for the arrival of a new batch of kids. It's kind of exciting actually to anticipate what they'll each be like, what they'll be capable of, or what challenges they'll have. You can't imagine how much we enjoy talking about the kids behind their backs. It's like we get to gossip all day. It's also a good way to vent about the ones you just can't stand. Good times!

So this Saturday is Alan's triathlon. I have no doubt he'll do well, as long as his bike holds up. And then about two months from now he'll run in his second marathon in Odessa. I'm hoping to round up a local group to go cheer him on. In Albuquerque for his first marathon, it was just Alan, myself, and his dad, so I'm hoping for a cheering section this time.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of my classroom. I'm still a new enough teacher that I get excited (i.e., corny) about my room.


Brandi said...

We'd be excited to be part of the cheering section! :) Go Alan! Also, would love to see pics of your classroom and hope you never stop being excited, thats what good teachers are made of, even 15 years down the line. :P

naomi said...

i will be there, but i will cheer for him after i complete the 10K :-) and yes, please..i would love to see pics of your room!!!!

Addy said...

Wheres Albuquerque? I'll cheer on my AWESOME steppy!!

Tanya said...

Addison - the marathon's on your birthday, but he'd be done by probably 11:00 a.m. or so - come hang out with me at the finish line! ha. And Albuquerque is in New Mexico about 7 hours from here.