Friday, November 04, 2011

My cookie challenge

I got an invitation from a female coworker of Alan's to attend a cookie exchange party.  Although I really appreciate being invited, I was pretty excited until I saw all the RULES of the exchange.  I need to make 7 dozen cookies, meaning 7 different recipes.  They must be Christmasy cookies - no chocolate chip nonsense, no Pillsbury anything, not the no-bake variety, and the main ingredient in all must be flour.  They also need to be packaged in a cute/festive way, each individual dozen.  And I should also bring an appetizer, beverage, and dress Christmasy if I want to win a prize.  The dressing Christmasy part is not going to happen, folks.  Unlike some teachers, I haven't accumulated those sorts of outfits.

So almost immediately I got on Pinterest and started searching.  I found two or three possibilities so far, but that's a long way from SEVEN.  Here's one:

I don't think they have to be Christmas colors, but rather a cookie that you would associate with the holidays.  If you have a favorite holiday cookie, please send me the recipe or a link to it!  I can't even RSVP for the party until I have all seven recipes.  What is up with all the RULES?


Naomi said...

WOW!! That is alot of rules!! But how fun. What would we have done w/o Pinterst?????
Post pics of all 7 dozen!!!
And I am glad you haven't accumlated any of those outfits. :-)

Joe said...

These people take partying very serious, just deal with it. Eventually you will succumb to this and have some crazy party of your own with big expectations and rules. Go to the party and dominate, if you must, cheat, which is perfectly acceptable in a state built on the principles of cheating.

Tanya said...

I'll for sure post pictures since 7 dozen cookies is going to consume a big portion of my time. :-) Joe, you're awesome. And I need to hear more about this lovely state I live in now.