Monday, November 14, 2011

Trekking around Tulsa

We told ourselves when we moved here that we'd get out and explore the city and its surroundings.  So we ignored the leaves that needed to be raked and the few unpacked boxes in the garage and enjoyed the outdoors this weekend (minus the wind that I thought I left behind in Midland).  We went to estate sales and the zoo on Friday, the Tulsa University game against Marshall on Saturday, and spent our morning hiking at Turkey Mountain yesterday. 

Most of the trail was pretty rocky and rugged, nothing like this path.  I often measure activities by the amount of calories burned (i.e. how much MORE I get to eat that day), and this one ranked high on my list!

We still have places to go and things to try, but at least we've made a good start. 

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Joe said...

Don't know if you are interested or not, but Greg has a cabin in Broken Bow, which is like 2 hours from your house? I am sure he would let you use it, plus that is a different part of OK (serious hills and rednecks).