Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The vacation is over

I worked (finally) a two-day subbing assignment this week, which was my first paid labor since we moved here.  Hard to explain, but for whatever reason I'd been experiencing some anxiety about getting back in the classroom.  But I kept hearing my wonderful friend Naomi saying "Tanya, that is kinda stupid."  Haha!  It makes me laugh every time I hear her voice in my head, and it helped me to get over my weirdness.  Love ya, Naomi!

Turns out I still know how to manage a bunch of kids and still enjoy teaching.  Whether or not I want to return to the profession full-time, I just don't know.  So much crap goes along with that job that you can't even imagine.

One other job possibility I've been tossing around is starting a pet-sitting business here in Tulsa.  I'm doing a little research, and there are definitely pros and cons to the business.  Seems I almost always love other people's pets, but not necessarily their kids.  So...this might be a better fit for me than teaching.  :-)


Addison said...

I think you should go for it. Do something risky like that! :)

naomi said...

Awww. I am glad you listened to me, b/c I am totally right!!! And what!! A pet sitting business, that is amazing. You know me, I love my petsitters. I am going to text ya to remind me to send you copies of the contracts I have, perhaps that should give you an idea of the agreement I have with mine. XOXO