Monday, February 27, 2012

Wee bit of news

In my last post I made reference to being a grandmother someday, having no idea that someday is only months away.  A few hours after posting, I got a call from Bailey with the news. 

Things haven't often turned out the way I had wished for the girls.  But that was my agenda.  I think most parents dream of an order to things, of happy events and thoroughly planned milestones in their kids' lives, so I don't think it makes me too judgmental or snobbish to have hoped for life to turn out differently so far.  But babies become kids and kids become young adults with their own agenda and own lives, and you just have to trust that everything works out.  Not the way you want, but in a way that ultimately makes them happy, healthy, independent, and wiser from their own experiences.  I'm well aware that my own choices and decisions are a big factor in how their lives have played out, and that doesn't lend itself to peaceful nights of sleep.  Again, there goes my agenda creeping in.

So I guess it would be wise to ask for prayers or positive thoughts for Bailey and the challenges she may encounter as she figures things out.  But she seems pretty happy about this, and we'll all be super happy come October when we have a new family member.  A very tiny, peach fuzzy, baby lotion scented, cuddly wuddly new member.


Elizabeth said...

Babies are always a cause for celebration! What a blessing a healthy baby is. I have the same goals for my children as you do, and though I did everything in the 'traditional' order, I have seen that happy families come together in every different way imaginable. That's my ultimate goal for Devan and Leah- that they are happy and have a family to love as much as I love them. I'm sure Bailey is grateful to have such a loving and supportive mom.

Joe said...

Congratulations! You can spoil the to your hearts content!

Tanya said...

Thank you, Joe and Elizabeth.

Brandi said...

Holy Cow Tanya! That is serious news, exciting...and you know, everything always just has a way of working out. I should know better than most in this particular case... :D perfect little tiny sweet babies have a way of helping people grow up, and whether or not they may have been ready, or not, it sure does just that.

I think it's the whole "focusing on someone else rather than yourself" factor. That's what it was for me anyway.

Well Congratulations to you all! Someone once told me when Everitt was born "If you had to mess up, at least your mess up brought something this amazing into the world." I know both Bailey and baby will be fine because she has you guys to help her and lead her along the way :) I seriously cannot wait to call you Grammy when I see you next. Awesome. ;)