Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My hair is no virgin

I almost treated my hair with an at-home keratin smoothing kit designed for people like me who long for naturally straight and smooth hair, until I read the warnings inside the package.  It stated not to use if you have EVER highlighted, bleached, permed, chemically straightened, etc., etc. your hair.  EVER!  So I called the company to confirm that since I permed my hair in the 80s (along with all the other girls wanting those big curly locks), and straightened my hair maybe 12-15 years ago, should I not use their product?  Were they really serious about the "EVER" part?

Yes, they were serious and said not to use their product.  I'm wondering how successful their product is going to be, when almost every female I know has treated their hair with at least one of the above methods.  Just thought it was weird.

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Brandi said...

That is insane!!! The 5 girls who have never done anything to their hair, I'd like to meet-- I don't believe they existed in the wild anymore ;) Try Groupon, I get updates here for 1/2 off those treatments (From a salon) practically every week! I never pay full price for my hair cut anymore!