Friday, March 23, 2012

It has definitely sprung.

So this is Spring.  Spring in Tulsa is an in-your-face kind of season - you can't miss it.  I don't know what all is coming up in our beds, but I know I have a lot of new plants and shrubs and trees to learn about.  I'm afraid I'm going to pull something up thinking it's a weed and not get rid of weeds that I mistake for a pretty ground cover.  But then again, I have neighbors who will point that out.

Stuff I've never had before (sorry for the fuzzy photos):

Japanese Maple.  I once asked for one at a nursery in Midland, and the worker all but laughed in my face.

A Dogwood tree.  Thought it was something you'd only see in the southeast.

No idea what this is, but it's kind of pretty.  I do know that I don't like the big spiky leaf things growing all around and through it.  Some sort of flowering bulb I'm sure, but the leaves are not doing it for me and why would you plant a shrub on top of bulbs?

There are other plants - crepe myrtles, hydrangea, and phlox that I'm excited about but aren't blooming yet.  Yet another reason why leaving the desert has been a good thing.


Elizabeth said...

The last picture looks like an azalea planting in a yucca? Hard to say for sure.

Tanya said...

I have azaleas?! Awesome. I knew you'd be able to help me. And although the way I described it and the way it looks in the photo, I don't think it's a yucca. I have these coming up in other areas and they're not in a circular clump - just sporadic and ugly. Thanks Elizabeth!

Joe said...

Crepe Myrtles are dominant, redbud's should be all around, yes OK is spectacular in the spring. Including the sky! Do you have real grass?!?!? That doesn't look like Bermuda.

jo said...

DUDE I love dogwoods. LOVE.

Also - how do you make your pictures so large? I desireth to do likewise. Teach me oh wise one.