Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Changes of Late

Having some trouble blogging lately.  But I feel if I'm forcing myself to post when I have nothing to share or just ain't feelin' it, then I shouldn't bother.

Random happenings:

We have a fuller household right now, and it's great!  Addison moved in the first week of May, along with Sadie and Betsey.  Duke has playmates, and her pups have a backyard for the first time in their lives (and a dog park with actual grass).  It's been great helping Addison get away from Midland and making a fresh start somewhere better.  She's had several interviews and is waiting to hear on one that was very promising.  She's had more interviews by age 21 than I've had my entire life.  Impressive.

My granddaughter has a name, Emma Elaine.  She weighs about 1/2 pound and is the size of a mango.  I can't wait to see her when she's a little watermelon.  She is letting her momma know she's alive and kicking, literally.  How am I not going to spoil her rotten? 

This spring and summer is getting busy, in a good way.  We've been to St. Louis, Alan has two business trips in May, we go to Houston next month and perhaps back to St. Louis, and have possibly three different rounds of visitors in June alone.  Love having company.  Bailey and Michael will likely be visiting for a few days around July 4th, partly to check out Tulsa.  They are tentatively planning to move here in December or January after that little watermelon gets here.

St. Louis was great.  It was big, urban, green, and friendly.  We went to two Braves vs. Cardinals games, and the Braves won both.  I'll always remember getting to see Chipper Jones in his very last season and the standing ovation a stadium full of opposing fans game him at his first up at bat.  Awesomeness.  Stay classy, St. Louis.

Look at the lady in the background, above.  Haha!  This is a great picture of Alan.  Look how pretty his eyes are. :-)

This was the "Girls on the Run" 5K we ran Saturday morning, which benefited St. Louis public schools running and sports programs for girls.
Not running much, but not giving it up either.  Still have miscellaneous issues to deal with, but some areas have healed up.  A few weeks ago we did a run organized by the OSU Osteopathic program.  While waiting for Alan to finish his run, I got an evaluation and "adjustment" from one of the students and supervising doctor in the program.  We focused mostly on my hip, and I'm happy to say I've been feeling very little to no hip discomfort since then.  But as is the norm, once one area heals, another flare up happens elsewhere.  Now it's my knee.  In the meantime, Addison and I are frequent visitors to the Y and have started joining in some classes.

I'll try to get back into the blogging thing, but my pissy neighbor hasn't given me much to write about lately.


Naomi said...

YIPPPEE!! A new blog!! So happy! I have missed you. I am very excited about your trips, especially the Houston one. I am really excited about Addison being in Tulsa and super excited about the possibility of Emma and Bailey coming to Tulsa! PS When scrolling to read your blog, the 1st thing you see in the Braves photo of you and Alan, is that crazy faced lady!! hahaha. And then you see your description, I actually LOL'd! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am looking at Alan's eyes....

Anonymous said...

Tanya, I love it when you blog! It's always interesting to me and I especially love when you post pictures! Keep it up! :) DC

Brooks said...

Congrats on the watermelon! How awesome a gift. My mom says grandkids are awesome. I am ready for mine to move out so I can have some :) kidding.
Tell Duke to get busy and get those neighbors going! Haha! Hope y'all are well! Love the baseball pics!