Friday, June 15, 2012

12 legs of fun

So what have I been so busy doing you ask, that I must ignore my blog for weeks on end?  I don't have a good answer other than, a little of this and a little of that.  I figured after nine months of living here it was time to start making minor improvements around the house.  So I repainted the cabinets in the master bath, touched up some trim moulding, painted one of the guest rooms a new color, and hung all new blinds upstairs.  Except for the corner bathroom that I forget about.  The next thing I really want to tackle but am not sure where to begin is touching up some cabinets in the kitchen.  The previous owners had the once-white cabinets painted and glazed or stained to give them an antique, rustic sort of look.  But I guess when touchups were needed, someone did a crappy job.  When you first buy a home and are enamored with it, certain things don't bother you until you lived there a while and have looked at the mistakes every day.  And although I really like this home and am in no way taking things for granted, the honeymoon phase has passed.  Time to get crackin'.

But MOST of my time has been spent with the critters.  Now that Addison is busy with work, I have a LOT of time with just me and the pups.  I can't claim Junior because no one really spends time with Junior, and besides I'm mad at him after biting my face off.

So enjoy these little videos.  Nothing earth shattering or exciting, just examples of typical days around here.  What I didn't video is how many times a day I pick up poop inside the house, break up little arguments, and yell at them to SHUT UP BARKING AT EVERY DOG, SQUIRREL AND RABBIT that goes by.  But I get lots of dog breath kisses and snuggle time that makes up for it all.

This was after Alan came home from the hospital donning a lovely new boot and crutches.  Betsey didn't like it:

I took this one to show Addison that Betsey was going to be okay.  She had a bad allergic reaction from biting a bug or something while Addison was out of town and had to go get some shots:

By the way, here's a pic of how Betsey looked before getting to the vet.  She was a wee bit swollen:

This is some discipline and manners we are working on:

Playing ball.  Every day.  Many, many times:

Dogs at the pool.  Sadly that is not my pool.  But that is my pool boy, oooohhhh yeah!

And lastly, this is a video I posted on Facebook the other day and what prompted the need to learn manners while going outside:

So that's my life as of late.  And people ask if I'm going to go back to work.  As if I could leave my obligations around here.  ;-)

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Tammy Bratton said...

LOL Love them all!!