Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help an amateur out

I'm gearing up to get in a photography mood.  Bailey has asked that I take her maternity pictures, including ones with her and Michael.  That's a lot of pressure.  I've seen some really cute maternity pics out there, so I know I'll be stealing shamelessly.  However, I don't want to get too cliche - you know how one shot gets a LOT of use, like the way you make a heart shape with your thumbs and forefingers on the pregnant belly?  Super cute but hasn't it been done a lot?  I'm probably offending someone, I'm sure.

So I'm up for any and all suggestions.  I know you have Facebook friends that have posted maternity shots, so think back and revisit their pages for me.

In the meantime, I really must get a new lens.  I'm either going ebay or brand new, but I have to get one soon.  I recently took some rather spur-of-the-moment pictures of Addison with my 55m lens, and although they turned out great, I know a new lens is a must for future portraits.  You wouldn't believe how hot and humid it was on this day...amazing that it's not noticeable.

My camera has a stabilizer and I used a tripod, but still got some pictures that weren't as clear as I wanted, like this one.  Not sure what else I should be doing:

I love this one.  I think this is the one her dad requested to have an 8 x 10 of for his home:

I like hands in pictures, in case you hadn't noticed.  It's how most of us often sit or relax, with our heads or chins resting in our hands.  I like when hair blows in the face or eyes squint when you laugh - natural stuff.  But maternity pics?  That's a new one for me.  Help!


jo said...

Soooo this might be totally creepy but get on facebook and look up Layla Simpson Overman. Sometimes you can look up people and see their photos. If you can, she has a maternity shoot that is really great and tastefully done. I don't know if she has privacy rights set up. I can try and find others but that is the first one that comes to mind.

Tanya Schaeffer said...

I'll check it out - thanks, Jo!