Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swamp Trivia

I may have to change my blog name. I should try to find out how many days it's rained this year in Midland. I'm not complaining though - I love it. I talked to Alan this morning (who's in Houston all week) and told him how much rain we've had the past few days. Instead of thinking about how green and pretty everything is, I could hear the "cha-ching" in his head, realizing it's a few more days of not having to water the yard. Besides posting a picture of the rain, I'm really taking an opportunity to prove that my plants are still alive and GROWING. The Mexican grass is sort of getting taller than I expected, but I still like it. And get this - the other day our neighbor looked over the fence and remarked about my "garden." Garden? I have a garden? Whoa - somebody thinks it looks like a garden! Alan said he may have to slip the neighbor some money for that comment.

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Elizabeth said...

I am envious of your Mexican Feather Grass- it is one of my favorite ornamental grasses. We have to grow it as an annual here, and it is hard to find. I have a feeling your grass will get bigger yet! :) Looks pretty!