Friday, May 04, 2007

We have grass

Did I mention the lawn mower broke? Or did I forget to throw that in with all the other things that have turned to crap this year? Anyway, it's a jungle out there, let me tell you. And Sears, being the respected GIANTS in customer service, had no problem telling us they don't provide a local repair service any longer and would therefore ship our mower off to New Mexico for a mere 17 days. Of course, they don't provide a loaner. Pleeease. That would be courteous and helpful and above the call of duty. I don't like Sears, don't like shopping there for fear I will age 20 years just by setting foot in the store, and really don't like the appearance of their staff.

Just give it a couple more days and the Mexican crews will be back at our doorstep asking if we're still lazy and need help with the lawn.

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