Saturday, May 26, 2007

The weekend begins

We had a pretty good time last night and a few more people than expected showed up. Everyone brought something, which usually makes me feel guilty when I start putting it all way, because we end up with everyone's food and really didn't provide a whole lot ourselves. My fruity Bellinis were a pain in the butt to prepare yesterday and were a total FLOP. Everyone drank what they brought. Anyway, it was fun and the weather was cool enough for Alan to finally put his birthday present to good use:

Bailey left this morning for Temple Lake with a friend and will be gone all weekend. I drove her crazy making sure she packed every necessity, but that's a mom thing I can't stop doing yet (sorry, Bailey!). I was sad to see her go, which is weird since she's living with us full-time now and I get to see her every day. I guess it's easy to get used to new routines.

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DeeBee said...

I'm glad to see that fire pit being used. It sure looks warm and cozy