Friday, January 18, 2008

I have to blog 7 times this weekend to make up

I should have a dozen funny or interesting stories from teaching this week. I don't. I should have SOMETHING to talk about. I just don't. My brain is over-saturated to the point where I can't pull anything of interest to the forefront. Everything's foggy and I'm tired. But I feel good about the week (now that it's over) and hope I improve a little each day.

What I really don't like about this whole working thing is having to wonder who's going to pick up Bailey everyday, when am I going to get to the store to get bread and detergent, what can I throw together for dinner that isn't from a box, when in God's name will I get these papers graded, and then every day's highlight: when can I get in my pajamas, wrap up in my blanket on the couch and watch House Hunters or Rob & Big?! I LIKE BEING HOME. But I kinda like those little kids at school, too. I wouldn't want to walk away from this until I see if I can become much better at it.

Still...we just added some more channels to our cable today and boy, does that make home more enticing. :-)

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DeeBee said...

I don't know if it's good or bad, but I'm a homebody; I like to be home too.