Saturday, January 12, 2008

If you love Jesus, CALL FIRST!

There are a couple of very attractive, young, hispanic Jehovah witness ladies that are bound and determined to catch me at home at a convenient time someday to tell me all about The Lost Kingdom. But they don't have a good grasp of the "convenient" part, since they boldly show up unannounced like every other religious group of visitors tend to do. Twice I had wet hair from a shower, another day I was on my way out, and today I was braless and in pajama bottoms. So I either don't open the door, or I do and tell them it's not a good time. Strange how churchy visitors feel the message they're bringing gives them the right to show up at a stranger's house unannounced. Anyway, I really do want to talk to these ladies, and not because I need to hear about The Lost Kingdom. It's likely that I'll have students in my class someday that practice those beliefs, and I could use some info on how to be a little more sensitive to it.

Obviously, I know they're never going to call first. But I'm not likely to be out of my pajamas at 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays either.

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DeeBee said...

Some things in our life are strangely parallel. And on the other hand, we couldn't be more different... I would never have a reason to want to talk to religious solicitors.