Monday, January 28, 2008

All over the place...

I am really a boring blogger lately. Nonexistent is probably a better term. I don't know why my brain is lifeless and blank, but I'm guessing it has a little to do with how much I'm NOT at home doing fun things, like watching HGTV or picking up a new pasta recipe from my friend, Giada.

I'll skip the teaching stuff from last week. Over this past weekend, Alan and I painted and really-and-truly-this-time organized the garage. Prior to painting, our garage had perhaps the two ugliest colors of green you could ever choose for garage walls. Mint green on the lower half, pukey pea green on the top. And honestly it looks like the garage was one of those afterthought additions to the house - one that is designed and constructed by an amateur at best. So we spent a whopping $5 on a gallon of wrongly-mixed paint or whatever it's problem was, and painted the garage an off-white. It took Bailey about a day and a half to notice the change.

Speaking of Bailey, we're headed to Amarillo this weekend for her volleyball team's first club tournament of the season, and we're pumped! We love the tournaments. Unfortunately, I just found out tonight that my little sister Ashly will be in town from Virginia this same weekend, so we're going to miss seeing her. What bad timing.

This is random, but if you need a little pick-me-up, I suggest watching last week's episode of Rob & Big and their adventures in training Minnie Horse.

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DeeBee said...

I'd still like to see pics of the garage. And rotten timing on Ashly's visit.