Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bit of this and that

After two 13-hour days in a row, I'm so glad to be home by 5:00 today. I left so quickly after school, that I didn't even stop to see if there was a staff meeting. Oops.

Even though I'll sort of be working tonight (inputting grades), I'll be wearing jeans, followed quickly by pajamas, hanging out all cozy in my own living room, and will hopefully be catching something good on TV. Speaking of which, I have become such a junkie of "The First 48!" Where has this show been all my life? It's so addicting.

Today I interviewed for the teaching position that I've been subbing in for the past 5 weeks. It went okay, and I'm hopeful but not overly-confident. Oh hey, I only made two kids cry today. Yes, they should definitely hire me.

Alan and I have mutually agreed to sort of ignore Valentine's Day this year. It's kind of a goofy holiday if you ask me, and better suited to all the cutesy elementary school activities. It may sound unromantic, but at least we're trying to plan a weekend away as soon as we can work it around the volleyball weekends.

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DeeBee said...

We don't make a big deal about Valentine's Day either. Just an exchange of cards.