Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From Frumpy to Fabulous (for a day anyway)

Perhaps last night I was still trying to catch up on the lack of sleep we got over the weekend...getting up at 5:45 on Saturday for volleyball, waking up at 5:30 (voluntarily) on Sunday to do some grading in the hotel lobby, and then not getting back to Midland until 1:00 a.m. Sunday night. This, followed by having to get up at 5:30 Monday morning for another workday, had left me a bit sleepy.

So I get going a little later this morning than usual, and was thus changing into work clothes with just minutes to spare before needing to leave the house. As luck would have it, the zipper on my favorite denim skirt broke, and I was left standing in confusion at my closet waiting for some decent outfit to materialize. It never did, and 10 minutes later I was leaving the house in a rush in a poorly thrown-together mixture of pink and browns. Not pretty. My hair looked bad, I had to wear glasses thanks to this pinkeye condition, my socks were too dark for my shoes, and I felt fat all day.

Hmmm, how do we resolve this so that it doesn't happen anymore this week? Why, a trip to Target of course! Thank you, Target, for $12.99 shirts that me feel like a hundred bucks. At least for a while. All the women out there know the "lift" you feel when you wear something you feel pretty in, so go spend that minimal amount when you need it. It's worth it.


DeeBee said...

I have a feeling that you still looked very nice with your pinks and browns.

I wish I were your size feeling fat instead of my size being fat. :-)

mel... said...

Love Target. Just bought a few things there the other day myself.