Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling maternal

I think anytime someone starts a blog with, "I had this dream last night...," readers instantly yawn and move on because who wants to hear about a dream? It's REALLY not that interesting to ANYONE other than yourself. You are the only one to whom it seems real. Good thing it's my blog page and I can do what I want. :-)

So I had this dream last night that I was in Wal-Mart with a group of young kids that I was semi-responsible for, like a school field trip or something. One kindergarten boy cut his foot, because he was running around in his socks through the metal clothes racks. He was bleeding pretty badly, so I picked him up and we headed to the nurses' clinic in the Wal-Mart. Yeah, you know, those nurses' clinics in every Wal-Mart. By the time I walked in the clinic, the little boy was now a baby about 9 months old. When I realize that I had accidently picked up someone's baby, I start to panic and head back out into the store. I'm thinking, "oh my God, someone's going to think I kidnapped their baby!"

But no parents were frantically looking for their child, no Adam alerts called out, nothing. I was still very panicked and spent the next 2-3 hours with this baby looking for the mom or dad. How could they not be looking for him? Then the Wal-Mart becomes a restaurant at night that is closing soon, and none of the staff seem concerned at all about my situation. Actually, they seem annoyed that I won't go home.

One thing I keep thinking during the dream is how cute the baby is, how good he's being, how nice it is to hold a baby again....and how PLEASE GOD LET ME FIND HIS PARENTS because I don't want to keep him!

The dream just struck me as funny, because Alan and I recently kept sweet little Holden for Brandi and Luke for a couple days. It was so fun, and we really enjoyed our weekend with him! And I really missed him just a few days later!

I think most women naturally reach an age at which they don't have yearnings to have babies anymore. I reached that age many, many years ago, yet it was still possible if Alan and I ever changed our minds. But we haven't, and we WON'T. The life that we see just around the corner looks pretty sweet. And then there'll be grandchildren to satisfy those maternal instincts. Babysitting suits me just fine.

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Brandi said...

Oh reading this account of your dream made me feel short of breath! You are so sweet to watch Holden for us, and anytime you feel the need to satisfy those maternal instincts for a night, hey no problem here :P Haha, I'll text you tomorrow!