Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Okay, I'll Play!

DeeBee tagged me to play a game called Seven Facts or something like that. Of course I'll play! Why would I go get ready for work when I can be goofing off on the computer?

Seven Weird or Random facts about me:

1. Clowns creep me out.

2. I live with a mean cat that attacks and bites me almost daily.

3. I can't eat at Quiznos because of a weird Hobbit-looking troll of a man that was sitting next to me at a Quiznos once. It was the first time I had ever been there, and I've never been back. You just had to see him. But I've really worked on my issues with dwarfs and am a big fan of "Little People, Big World." So don't hate me.

4. I don't like tags - on clothes, blankets, pillows, whatever. I cut off every pillow tag the moment that pillow enters the house, and I can't have a blanket/sheet/throw tag near my face.

5. I broke my arm when I was 6 or 7. My parents didn't realize it for a week. ha.

6. I'm stealing an idea from DeeBee here and mentioning a recurring dream I always have: tornadoes. I have so many tornado dreams, and they're usually very cool. I'm fascinated with tornadoes.

7. I went to Europe when I was 15 with complete strangers, except for my French teacher who I didn't want to know any better.

Okay, I'll tag a few others:

Elizabeth, Just South of Sanity
Melissa, New Leaves in March
Naomi, blog it on your myspace!
Brandi, ditto


Addison said...

You finally posted, lol.
Thats fuuun. I'm gunna blog it (:

DeeBee said...

I hadn't heard that you were a fan of that show... glad to hear that you've crossed over.

You probably hate my washcloths... they still have tags on them. Don't comment!!!

Brandi said...

K I've blogged it too, now you're turn to read about how weird I AM :P

Naomi said...

I followed directions, I posted on my myspace.

Craig and Elizabeth said...

Okay, I just found a undone to-do list that said among other things "write random things blog for Tanya."


Random thing #1. Really bad about completing to-do lists.

This week, I'll do it. Just one month late!!