Monday, June 08, 2009

Good Beginning

We had a fun, relaxing time at DeeBee's in Oklahoma and came home on Saturday. I should be more clear when I say "relaxing," because what I really mean is lazy. I haven't sat and vegged that much in a really long time. It was nice and went by too fast.

Charles (Caitlin's boyfriend), Caitlin, and Bailey

Alan and DeeBee

Bailey left for church camp the day after we got back, so Alan and I are childless this week. This always leaves me with mixed feelings - glad for the alone time with Alan but somewhat restless when my "mom" duties aren't needed. I'm filling the time with household chores, cooking, yard work, a little swimming, and some reading if I can get into my book. I'm not very chipper this week, which I'm 99% sure can be blamed on hormones, but nevertheless...keeping busy is key. We've only been home two days, and I'm so ready to leave again for vacation.


Anonymous said...

woah. Did Alan get new glasses? They look sharp. Nice work Tanya! I wasn't sure it could be done but you are making him look like the classy guy he is! But the true test: is he still doing the socks and sandals thing?


Tanya said...

LOL. Forgot about those sandals. I'll take a little credit for the glasses, only because Alan insists that I'm there when he picks them out. Good to hear from you!

Brandi said...

Looks like you guys had a much needed little R&R! We need to do lunch one day now that you're 'off' :)