Saturday, January 22, 2011

About my cat...

I knew Junior was one tough hombre, but I didn't realize how tough until our recent vet visit.  He'd been having some bathroom issues, and it was time to do the unthinkable and take him to the vet.  It has to be pretty serious before we take him, both because it's hard on him and the vet staff.  Turns out this cat has been in extreme pain, peeing "crystals" of urine.  The vet says in his 20 years of practice, it's the worst case of urine crystallization he's ever seen.  He said he doesn't know how Junior's withstood the pain and has probably been wishing his penis would fall off.

So the treatment is bottled water for the rest of his life and canned cat food - prescription cat food for now.  Junior hates canned food, so I guess we'll see how hungry he gets.  And I get to give him a dropper of antibiotics for the next several days.  That's always fun.  He's been confined to the garage to keep any accidents from happening in the house as well as keeping him from going outside and getting his boy part dirty.

He's pretty tired of the garage, although Alan has taken every measure to make it comfortable.  So Alan went out there earlier to "visit" Junior and coax him into eating the cat food.  Here's what Junior thought of his visit:

He's such a brat, but he's my little brat.  :-)

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jo said...

oh man. I never thought I'd say this but poor junior. I hope he gets better soon.