Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Somewhere out there...

Back in the early 90s I read a book by Betty Eadie called Embraced by the Light.  Books are often trendy, and therefore there were a number of books on out-of-body experiences, after-life, or psychic topics during this time.  I read a few.  I like that sort of stuff.  And I'll watch most any show about the paranormal as well.  Growing up I was taught by the Church I guess, that believing in anything like that was NAUGHTY.  Whatever.  I never thought it made sense for a religious group to denounce things of a spiritual nature.

Anyway, there's a new show on the Bio channel (I think) called "I Survived...From Beyond and Back" or something like that.  It tells of people who died and were then revived and what they experienced during the being dead part.  Like the previous books I read, they all talk about the love and warmth they felt during their experiences, and how the message received was "love is all that matters and all we should be focusing on."

So I had to teach after-school tutorials yesterday, and I'll just tell you I really don't look forward to tutorials.  But all day I kept thinking about what those people said about how we're not here for just ourselves, but rather here to help our fellow man.  I had a different attitude during my tutorials, and we had a pretty good session.  Will that feeling stick with me?  Very probably, most undoubtedly not!  But you can bet I have my DVR set to record the next episode.

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Addison said...

This has been in the back of my mind alot lately, too. How funny.