Sunday, January 16, 2011

No need to visit The Alamo

I've been to San Antonio so many times, I couldn't count.  My grandmother lived here before she died, so a lot of memories are of sitting around being bored in a tiny retirement village apartment.  Eating banana bread, probably.  And for a real treat we'd go down to the "dining room" where other old people gathered and kind of creeped me out.  I'm better around old people now, by the way.

As an adult I've had some good trips here and some so-so trips.  I have a fond memory of when Matt and I brought the girls to the zoo and Sea World when they were pretty little.  I still laugh about some moments from that trip.  Alan and I have been to San Antonio together a few times now - with friends, seeing family, and this time by ourselves.  No offense friends and family, but this has by far been my favorite trip.

It has been cold and rainy since we arrived.  We smiled at the rain driving in and have loved it and appreciated it the entire time.  Funny thing when you haven't seen rain in a while - YOU MISS IT.  We came prepared with coats, gloves, and toboggans (yes, that's what I call them).  The humidity has not been kind to my naturally curly hair, but stuffing it under a knit cap solves that problem.  We'd be back out in it right now at a running park if I could wake Alan up.  The guy gets a hangover after two drinks.  By the way, I have a new favorite drink - the Mexican Martini.  But I digress...

We still have a full day and night left, so I'm going to head back up to the room and get Alan moving.  When we get back home I'll post a picture of why I now love the city of San Antonio based on one simple act of kindness to animals.  :-)

Update:  Here's the photo.
This was along the River Walk.

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