Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New old stuff!

I have a new addiction that is the River City Trading Post.  I've never seen anything like this store, yet that's probably due to my sheltered life in dusty old Midland. 

This store is a crafter's/pinner's dream.  If you want to refurbish, repaint, or repurpose something  used - you'll find your project here.  I like shopping for the old or funky things that need no re-anything, such as this pillow:

I LOVE toile, always have.  (Alan thinks I just like saying toile.) It isn't for everyone, but I love it no matter the color or the scene.  This pillow fit the room perfectly and was $14.

This is part of the upstairs corner room that I haven't done much with.  It is simply too HUGE and will probably become a workout room for lack of better ideas.  So I threw the girls' old twin beds in there with some silly pillows, and then found this awesome chunky red table and red and black glazed lamp today!  Table was $38 and the lamp was $14. 

But what I'm most excited about is the dirty, flaky old window screen (probably crusted with lead paint) that I'm going to turn into a headboard to go above this bed:

I'm going to do a paint treatment on it to make it look similar to that chair.  It only cost me $15, so if it's a complete failure like I'm known for, it's not a big deal.  Maybe if I stay busy with that project the next couple of days, it'll keep me and my wallet from going back to the Trading Post for a while.  But probably not.


Naomi said...

Your decorating talent is amazing. I love it!!! I wish I could pull this off. Your style reminds me of the plantation homes in Louisiana, full of one of the kind, unique items. And your clever arrangement of all of the items is so beautiful. I can not wait to see what you have done!!!

Addison said...

please take me there!

Brooks said...

I wish we had one of those here!