Thursday, October 13, 2011

The old screen

So here's how the headboard came out.  I realize it's not really a headboard, but that's what I'm calling it.  I got the inspiration to paint and glaze stuff from Pinterest, which meant a few of my things ended up on the walls instead of in the trash and ultimately to an overcrowded landfill.  I occasionally do my part to help Mother Earth.

Most of these pics were taken with my cellphone, which usually turn out blurry but oh well.  Here's the screen the way I bought it, complete with dead bug parts and old springs and lots and lots of dirt:

This is after a couple coats of spray paint, antique white.  I didn't try to cover it completely:

This is during the glazing process:

And this is the finished product.  You probably can't see it, but I left the hook (far right) that was once used to close the screen.  Thought it was kind of authentic looking.

Funny how I'm still learning stuff about this house.  I didn't realize the wall in this bedroom angled up towards the ceiling until I hung the screen.  I had big plans to paint the entire upstairs with the same khaki wall color as downstairs, until I saw how high one of the walls was in the middle bedroom and became slightly less interested.  Anyway, I think I finally feel that this is room is complete.


Brooks said...

I love this!!! Good job!! I pin alot of stuff but do not do any of the big things. This is awesome!

Naomi said...

James and I actually argued about what the original purpose of it was. I said a screen door, he said it was too small, I rolled my eyes and thought yes, too small for a giant!!! I was right with the screen part!!! Point of my story is we totally noticed it and talked about it. Not only did it serve at decoration but a focal point as well!!!