Friday, October 07, 2011


I do love October.  I'm sure it's partly because it's Addison's birthday, my birthday, and mine and Alan's anniversary all at the beginning of the month.  But it's also the change in the weather.  October is just cozy

I love the fall colors.  I love that my new coffee mugs from DeeBee are fall colors, and it doesn't hurt that they perfectly match the colors in our house. 

I love that soon I'll be craving chili and stew and all sorts of other one-pot wonders that come out to play during cooler weather.  And I love that Pinterest has a TON of recipes with pumpkin and pumpkin spices!

I can't wait for Oktoberfest here in Tulsa, which starts October 20th.  It's supposed to be pretty entertaining, as long as you don't mind being around boisterous, beer-toting drunk people dressed like The Sound of Music.

And then there's Halloween, one of the only big holidays that does not include family obligations.  Love that!  I put my ghosts out again this year, regardless of how raggedy and raveled they're getting.  They do look like ghosts, right?  (See my Facebook post.)

Happy October!


Elizabeth said...

I love October too!! It doesn't beat April or May for me, but it's still high on the list.

I love your ghosts!

Naomi said...

I always associate the fall with you. I think is has alot to do with your decorating, your cooking and your welcoming of friends to your home during this time of year!!