Sunday, March 11, 2007

A busy week, but still a much needed vacation

Instead of being on my way to D.C. for Spring Break, I'm going to be spring cleaning and working in the yard. Sounds like a fair trade to me. Uh-huh.

So I started yesterday with pruning rose bushes and unruly shrubs, pulling weeds, and cleaning off the back porch that gets covered in dirt everytime we get one of those West Texas dust storms. I also attempted to mow the yard, but the mower wouldn't restart about mid-way through, so I now have a half-mown yard. (If you're wondering why in the world I was doing the mowing instead of Alan, it's only because he's sick.) And since it's been raining since last night, I'm stuck inside for today. But tomorrow I'm getting back out there, laying down some Preen (thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion), and pulling more weeds in the front.

Alan's dad is supposed to be coming this week, and we might take him down to Fredericksburg for some German food and beer. I'm also planning on getting estimates for the body work on the car and hopefully getting it in the shop. I wonder if the insurance company would hook me up with an Escalade for my rental?

I was just about to finish this post when it started thundering, really raining hard and then hailing. So of course I had to make it a Kodak moment instead of doing the smart thing and shutting the computer down:


Heather said...

Gotta love West Texas weather. Have a great week.

mel... said...

Must be something in the air. For the first time since I moved in, my kitchen island is completely cleared off. Now if I could get the rest of the house in order.