Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When it rains, go to the mall

I'd like to see a little less of this tomorrow:

Three straight days of rain set me back a bit on my Spring projects. Still, I've managed to stay pretty busy around here, not to mention sneaking in some shopping with Bailey. Don't you love it when you're standing at the register having your items rung up, and you've done the calculation in your head so you know how much it should be, and then the salesclerk tells you the amount and you're thinking they've made a big mistake (in your favor). I acted all cool as if I knew that shirt for $16 was going to ring up $3.90. It was already a bargain, but whoa! So I took my bag and got out of there as quickly as possible, thinking I had really gotten away with something.

I swear to this day that the salesclerk at Wet Seal a couple years ago who sold me the $80 long jacket (suede, mind you) for $5 was absolutely WRONG about how the special sale was supposed to work. I felt like I was stealing something by letting her do it, but in my defense I questioned her no less than three times. That same day Alan went back and got me a $40 corduroy jacket for another $5.

By the way, if you're looking for the perfect length cami to wear under shirts, Gadzooks has them for $3.99.


DeeBee said...
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DeeBee said...

Aawwww. I want to go shopping... for things that cost $3.99

Heather said...

I suck at finding good deals. I did buy a pair of $80 shoes for $13 the other day. Will I ever wear them? Probably not. That is why they were $13.