Monday, March 05, 2007

My poor baby

Less than a week ago I made a prediction. We knew our tax refund and yearly bonus were going to be hitting the ole' checking account at any day, and both at around the same time. I said to Alan, "Mark my words - as soon as we get the money something BIG (i.e., expensive) will come up." And by come up I don't mean we will merrily go shopping for something fun and exciting, especially since both deposits are already earmarked for student loans, extra mortgage payments, etc. Au contraire. By come up, I mean this:

This one went in the police report as a hit and run. I bet within 15 minutes of the accident I was remembering my prediction. I hate to sound so pessimistic, but I just call 'em like I see 'em. All of this took place about an hour before we were supposed to be leaving town for Bailey's volleyball tournament in Lubbock.

However...if forced to find the positive, it's this: Finally a fender bender that wasn't my fault!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nasty ding. I feel for you. My folks gave me some cash for my birthday a few years back, and sure enough the water heater blew out and I ended up spending all of that and then some just getting a new one. Oh the price of a hot shower. Hang in there.

DeeBee said...

Just think if you didn't have that money coming in. Wow.

Heather said...

Bummer. Were you able to go to the volleyball tourney?